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Vision 2030

Our vision is to have 250,000 people living in retirement communities by 2030. We think this is possible with a persistent focus on 10 key priority areas.

These are:

  • A clear customer proposition
  • Effective self-regulation
  • Enhanced health and wellbeing
  • Intelligent use of technology
  • Flexible models of tenure
  • Sustainable funding streams
  • Sector-specific legislation
  • Comprehensive and robust data
  • Clarity in the planning system
  • A highly trained workforce

Press Release

Vision 2030 Flyer

Conference Presentation

Vision 2030 was launched at the ARCO Annual Conference, What Next? 2018. The two-day conference on 4 and 5 July, which convened 350 leaders and experts from across the world, saw a strong display of unity in the sector with a commitment to work with supporters across government, civil society and industry to make ARCO’s Vision 2030 a reality.

To pledge your support, or to find out more, please email ARCO’s Head of Policy and Communications, Gareth Lyon, at [email protected]

Vision 2030