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Information for Residents

_DSC5193This website is designed to help you find out what it’s really like to live in a retirement community and answer any questions you might have about this type of housing.

Moving house is always a major decision, and if you are conscious of a growing need for personal care and assistance, you may believe that residential care is your only option. But what if you could actually own (partly or fully) or rent your own home with all the privacy and independence you like, along with the reassurance of daily care and support to care home levels and a 24-hour on-site staff team?

You may be surprised to discover that retirement communities can offer all of this, and more.  We hope to show you that as you get older you have a choice – a choice to remain independent, active and in control of how you live your life, whilst receiving the support and care that you might need.

What is a retirement community?

To find out more about the type of housing and care that retirement communities provide click here.

Is there a retirement community near you?

50,000 people currently live in retirement communities across the UK. Each retirement community is different; some are located in stunning countryside; others can be found in the heart of vibrant towns and cities. This site is here to help you find one that suits you and your needs.

View a map of all ARCO-registered schemes, or search for your nearest retirement community using your postcode.

What does ARCO do?

ARCO aims to:

  • Ensure all its members provide a high quality service to you, the resident;
  • Help you understand what a retirement community is and how this type of housing can meet your lifestyle, health and care needs;
  • Work with the Government to promote retirement communities and to give all people access to this type of housing with care where they want it;
  • Continually invest in research to make sure that retirement communities meet the changing and developing needs of older people.

Find out more about ARCO and its work.