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Information for Providers

_DSC6758ARCO is the main body that represents retirement communities in the UK. The Association was formed to raise awareness of the retirement community model, which ARCO believes can provide a credible solution to the pressing challenge of how we meet the lifestyle, health and social care needs of our ageing population.

The Association works hard on behalf of all its members to promote confidence in the sector by ensuring that quality is at the heart of what they do. ARCO works closely with policy makers and stakeholders to ensure that the overwhelming benefits of this housing with care model are widely understood and that older people in the UK have broad and equal access to this type of provision.

ARCO has been formed at a time when the retirement community sector in the UK is growing rapidly. It is vital that we maximise this growth and work to increase the volume and quality of expertise within the sector; only then can we better understand and promote the socio-economic value of the housing with care model.

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