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Accelerator Programme

ARCO offers a structured package of information and support for organisations planning their entry into the UK housing-with-care market.

The ARCO Accelerator Programme is for potential new entrants keen to get further insight into the sector beyond traditional conference attendance and advice, in order to speed up and clarify their thinking and decision making when it comes to product design, business models and overall strategy. Participants in the ARCO Accelerator Programme will be able to take part in sector events, tap into the wider ARCO network, attend dedicated events for new entrants, and receive feedback on emerging plans.


  • Participation in member-only events on technology & design, marketing & sales, operations and other topics.
  • Participation in affiliate events, such as triannual briefings.
  • Invitation to ARCO’s annual high level Assembly discussion, drinks, and dinner with ARCO Directors.
  • Opportunities to participate in Vision 2030 events and projects.
  • Discount on tickets to the ARCO conference (at member rates).
  • Invitations to at least two dedicated ARCO Accelerator events (e.g. meetings or tours, and an event on Standards and Compliance with ARCO’s external standards assessors).
  • Access to templates and materials to support the development of key collateral.
  • One ‘critical friend’ workshop per year delivered by ARCO’s Executive Director Michael Voges.
  • Access to ARCO email Bulletins.
  • Use of ARCO branding rights and access to Vision 2030 branding.
  • Inclusion of your logo in ARCO collateral and presentations.
  • Discounts on ARCO publications.

Joining the ARCO Accelerator Programme

The ARCO Accelerator programme runs from September through August (ARCO’s financial year), and costs £7,500 (plus VAT) per year. For further information, please contact Shandi Petersen, Head of Operations, on [email protected] or 020 3697 1204.

Please see ARCO’s Terms and Conditions for further details on the relationship between ARCO and organisations joining the ARCO Accelerator Programme (Section 5). In particular, please note:

  • The ARCO Accelerator programme is not ARCO membership. ARCO membership is only for current operators of eligible retirement communities. Operators currently building their first eligible retirement community / communities can apply for prospective membership. Please see Join ARCO for more information.
  • There is a limit of one colleague per organisation per free event (and then subject to availability).


Current Accelerator Programme Participants

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