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Case Study: Iris

Iris JonesLiving in a retirement village has not only changed Iris’ life, it has changed her as a person too.

“I have never been in contact with so many people socially as I am now,” she said. “I have become so much more confident. Imagine, growing as a person even at my age!”

For many years, Iris had thrived on the social opportunities right on the doorstep of her London home. But, as she got older, having galleries and the opera and the ballet available every night of the week became a burden.

“It was all there to be enjoyed but I found it too much effort to go which made me feel guilty,” she admitted. “That’s when I realised if I moved out of London I wouldn’t really miss it.”

Following an operation on her spine, Iris spent four weeks in a convalescence home near her son in Devon.

“He didn’t want me living on my own any more but I was keen to keep my independence,” said Iris. “He found my retirement community on the internet and bought me to visit. To be honest, I wasn’t very with it at the time, having been so poorly. The decision to sell my London house and buy a two bedroom bungalow here was made fairly quickly and within a couple of months I was here. But I’ve been here more than two years now and have never regretted it.”

She doesn’t have time to miss her London lifestyle either. Instead of going to the ballet or an exhibition opening, Iris spends weekends with her son and grandchildren; and she has more friends now than ever.

“This is a great friendship place,” she said. “The people are lovely and there’s a great mix of characters. Rather than looking forward to nights out at the opera, I love our laid back lunches, or just getting together in the clubhouse for a coffee. I wouldn’t go back.”