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About Retirement Communities

_DSC4904Moving house is always a major decision, and if you are conscious of a growing need for personal care and assistance, you may believe that residential care is your only option. But what if you could actually own your own house or apartment (partly or fully) with all of the privacy and independence you wish, along with the reassurance of daily care and support (to care home levels if needed) and a 24-hour on-site staff team?

You may be surprised to discover the variety of options that are available to you that mean you can remain independent, active and in control of how you live your life. If you choose to live in a retirement community you’ll have the privacy and dignity of your own front door, and a home that is yours to decorate and furnish as you wish. In addition, you will be part of a friendly community with extensive care and support, available on-site 24 hours a day.

What can you expect when you move into a Retirement Community?

ARCO’s members want you to have the support you need, with community involvement and the privacy and freedom of your own home. As the care provided is flexible and personalised, couples can stay together if they have differing care needs, or even if only one partner requires support.

Retirement communities often provide a variety of additional services so you can enjoy some pampering at the hair salon, meet people for coffee and snacks in the restaurant, join friends in the residents’ lounge and participate in anything on the activities programme that appeals to you and suits your personal interests and abilities.

You will belong to a supportive and friendly community, with your own private home and access to many communal facilities that might include a residents’ lounge, restaurant, hair salon, gardens, swimming pool, and gym.

Maintaining independence

ARCO’s members believe in treating everyone as an individual and try to offer choice and flexibility in their services. This is why they can offer care to couples with differing needs, and adapt the support provided to you to suit your changing circumstances, whether permanent or temporary. As well as the reassurance of a 24-hour on-site emergency call system and CCTV security, retirement community staff are available for you around the clock. Retirement communities also offer a laundry and housekeeping service, taking a number of potentially difficult chores entirely out of your life.

In this way, you can be secure in the knowledge that whether you just need a helping hand or personal care, all your needs for daily life can be taken care of by dedicated and professionally qualified staff. Retirement communities are able to offer the same level of care and support as a traditional care home – all tailored towards each individual. The staff will consult you thoroughly to develop your personal care plan to help maintain life skills and ensure that all of your personal needs are addressed.

You can find out more about what it’s like to live in a retirement community by clicking on the case studies below, or by reading What is a Retirement Community?, which provides further information on what a retirement community is, what the costs of living in a retirement community may be, as well as a more general overview of the sector itself.


Living in a retirement village has not only changed Iris’ life, it has changed her as a person too. “I have never been in contact with so many people socially as I am now,” she said.



“We have plenty of visitors and every one of them has been knocked out by this place,” said Teresa. “It’s the perfect place for a new start. You can’t help but make friends, it happens automatically.”



Richard believes it is important to keep older people active.  “I definitely feel better for it. I know I do,” he says.


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It’s a beautiful place to live but it’s the companionship which is the best part. A lot of people say they’ve come to start a new life and that’s how it feels. No one is old.

Patrick, Warwickshire

I don’t have to worry about a thing being here. It’s reassuring to know there is help at hand but you are free to live your own life with no pressure, and to come and go as you please. I just love it here.

Catherine, Oxfordshire

I’m still very independent but knowing the support is here is reassuring.

Kathleen, Lincolnshire

We’re always quick to recommend life in a retirement village. In fact the only advice we give is not to leave it too late. There’s so much to enjoy it would be a shame to miss out. You can’t beat it. We’ve got the lot.

Mike and Pauline, Taunton

I’ve got the best of two worlds really. If I was here and Alice was in a nursing home elsewhere we would both be worried and lonely. We are together in the best possible way.

Derek lives in an apartment, while wife Alice receives the care she needs in the retirement community’s nursing home.